Glitter Girl


Model Type: QGB-2-20
Nicknames: “Gigi” (short for Glitter Girl/G.G.) and “Two-Twenty.”
Class: Laser Resistant Infantry Personnel Assault Unit.
Crew: One pilot.

MDC by Location:
QST-104 Double-Up Assault Cannon — 150
Optional: Back-Mounted Mini-Missile Launcher (1) — 50
Shoulder Mini-Missile Launchers (2) — 20 each
Head —270
Hands (2) —80 each
Arms (2) — 240 each
Legs (2) —400 each
Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment — 90
﹡﹡Main Body —650

﹡A single asterisk indicates a small and difficult target to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,” but even then the attacker is -4 to strike.

﹡﹡Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the robot down completely, rendering it useless. Note: Laser weapons do half damage!

Running: 90 mph (145 km) maximum. Note that the act of running does tire its operator, but only at 10% of the usual fatigue rate.
Leaping: The robot legs can leap up to 15 feet (4.6 m) high or across. Add 12 feet (3.6 m) with a running start. Jet thruster assisted leaps can hurl the power armor 120 feet (36.6 m) up or across. If necessary, the thrusters can momentarily hold the Gigi aloft as high as 18 feet (5.5 m) off the ground, but only for 2D4xlO seconds. The thrusters are not made for flying.

Underwater Capabilities:
Swimming: The thruster system provides good mobility and control underwater but a sluggish speed of 20 mph (32 km); roughly the same surface speed. It can also walk along the bottom of the sea at about 25% of its normal walking/running speed. To fire its Boom Gun it must be able to engage its pylon system (i.e. walking along the bottom).
Maximum Ocean Depth: One mile (1.6 km)

Statistical Data
Height: 9 feet, 6 inches (2.9 m)
Width: 3 feet, 6 inches (1.09 m)
Length: 3 feet (0.9 m)
Weight: One ton fully loaded.
PS: 36
Cargo: Minimal storage space; a foot locker and storage for a rifle, handgun, survival knife and first-aid kit.
Power System: Nuclear; average energy life is 20 years.
Note: Gigi, like all Glitter Boy models, is equipped with a self-destruct mechanism to prevent the armor and its technology from falling into enemy hands.

Weapon Systems
1. QST-104 “Double-Up” Assault Cannon: This heavy, oversized (for normal humans) assault rifle is specifically designed with the Glitter Girl and Quebec SAMAS in mind. It is a dual weapon system that fires single shot, Mega-Damage explosive rounds and devastating plasma blasts. The single shot, explosive rounds are specifically designed for precision shooting and sniper operations. It is recoilless, there is no muzzle flash, and it can be fired manually like a rifle or voice activated to shoot upon command.
This voice activated feature means Gigi can mount the weapon concealed in a tree, on a rooftop, under a vehicle, among rocks or rubble and leave it there while she goes off to investigate or to deliberately flush or lure out a hidden enemy (“Hey, look! She’s unarmed. This is our chance!”). An electronic eye and computer link keeps the weapon keyed to the position of the pilot, effectively “covering her back.” If any enemy should appear anywhere between the Glitter Girl and the 120 degree “vision” of her weapon she instantly knows it, and with a quick verbal command, the pilot can set the weapon to firing while she turns to engage them in a crossfire or moves to engage another group entirely!
The swivel mount and computer targeting system built into the weapon allows it to “track” enemy (non-Gigi) targets and continue to fire independent of its owner. Note: Range of this feature is limited to 1000 feet (305 m) and line of sight is required. The number of automated attacks per melee round is six via explosive rounds or three using plasma blasts. However, without human guidance the weapon has NO bonuses to strike and cannot parry or dodge enemy attacks. Once its location is identified, it is a sitting duck. This is another reason Gigi rarely goes more than 400-600 feet (122 to 183 m) from her weapon.
In the alternative, the concealed weapon can be positioned and used in such a way that it is locked onto the optics of the Glitter Girl. This means the weapon effectively “sees” and tracks whatever Gigi sees. With a short verbal command, the weapon fires at whatever target its mistress sees and wants shot as if she was aiming the gun herself. Under this condition, the weapon is +1 to strike. Obviously it cannot shoot around corners, so the target must be within the QST-104’s “line of sight” as well as the Glitter Girl’s. Most Gigis become expert at judging the range and limits of the weapon.
One common ploy when outside the weapon’s “line of sight” is to attract the enemy and run, luring them to give chase, and into the weapon’s line of fire.
QST-104 Plasma feature. The lower portion of the cannon is a plasma ejection system. It is designed to inflict severe damage and directly combat the supernatural, magical and enemy power armor units.

QST-104 Statistics
Primary Purpose: Sniper and Anti-Armor.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
Weight: Cannon: 530 lbs.
Explosive Rounds: 2D6 M.D.
Plasma Bolt: 6D6+12 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined hand to hand attacks of the pilot and his power armor (usually 5-7; see Power Armor Training). Bursts and sprays are not possible for either weapon type.
Maximum Effective Range:
Explosive Rounds: 6,000’
Plasma Bolts: 2400’.
Pay load: 100 explosive rounds. The ammo clip is quick and easy to replace (counts as two melee actions), with 1D4+3 additional ammo clips typically carried in a hip pack or slung over the shoulders. The plasma generator and battery pack is mounted over the right or left shoulder with a connecting power cord to the QST-104. This provides 120 plasma blasts when at full storage capacity and regenerates plasma bolts at a rate of two per minute. A digital counter in the cannon keeps track of the current availability of blasts and rounds for both functions of the gun. When detached from the Glitter Girl, the plasma storage compartment holds 10 blasts, but the addition of a conventional E-clip provides an additional 4 blasts, a long Clip 8, and an E-clip Canister 14.
Notes: The cannon is mounted into the shoulder housing of the plasma generator and can be locked in a forward position, rotate up and down 360 degrees or stowed in a position with the gun barrel locked in an up or down position behind the shoulder. When shoulder mounted, the weapon can be angled 45 degrees right and left. The retractable power cord also enables the Glitter Girl to remove the weapon from its shoulder housing to use as a completely hand-held rifle. Under some combat conditions, Gigi is authorized to carry two Double-Up Cannons, one as the standard shoulder mounted unit and a second as an assault rifle.

2. Two Shoulder Mounted Mini-Missiles Canister Launchers: A pair of single-shot, mini-missile launchers are located over the shoulder opposite of the Double-Up Cannon.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.
Missile Type: Any type of mini-missile can be used, but standard issue is armor piercing (1D4x10 M.D.) or plasma (1D6x10). Fragmentation (5D6 MD) may be used for anti-personnel operations.
Damage: Varies with missile type.
Rate of Fire: One at a time, or in a volley of two.
Effective Range: About one mile (1.6 km)
Payload: Two total; one each.

3. Optional: (1) Mini-Missile Backpack Unit.
A compact, box style launcher that is mounted on the back of the Glitter Girl. A modular housing allows the missile-pack to “snap” easily and snugly in place.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile.
Secondary Purpose: Defense and assault.
Missile Type: Any type of mini-missile can be used, but standard issue is armor piercing (1D4x10 MD) or plasma (1D6x10). Fragmentation (5D6 MD) may be used for anti-personnel operations. Smoke types may be desirable for certain missions, particularly those where an enemy installation or strategic position is searched out, located and smoke is needed to mark the location for a tactical air strike.
Damage: Varies with missile type.
Rate of Fire: One at a time, or in volleys of two or four.
Effective Range: About one mile (1.6 km)
Payload: 12 total.

4. Optional: (1) Traditional RG-14 Rapid Acceleration Electromagnetic Rail Gun, better known as the “Boom Gun” in place of the shoulder mounted QST-104.
In this case a hand-held QST-104 may be used like an assault rifle and second heavy weapon. Such use is only available upon special assignment and for squad leaders.

5. Hand to Hand Combat & Special Bonuses: As per Elite Glitter “Boy” Combat Training, plus the following additional and accumulative bonuses (add to the normal GB Elite Training bonuses): +2 on initiative, +3 to strike with GST-104 Double-Up Assault Cannon (or may use the traditional Boom Gun at usual +2 to strike), +1 to dodge, +2 to pull punch.

6. Sensor Systems of Note: Standard power armor and GB features, including a Distress Homing Beacon (a scrambled radio, homing signal for location and extraction from combat zones. There is a 30% chance of detection by the enemy), and a self-destruct mechanism to prevent the armor and its technology from falling into enemy hands.


Advanced technology and robotics shattered the barriers between the sexes. The greater physical strength and speed of the male warrior no longer played a vital role in the modern army. A woman could capably pilot a hover tank, robot or suit of power armor as well as any male — the gender of the pilot makes no difference. All that is required is a better than average hand-eye coordination, reflex response and a mind for combat.
While good physical conditioning is still a requirement, women have taken on a larger and more aggressive role in front-line combat, particularly in the Quebec Military. This is nowhere more evident than among Free Quebec’s Glitter Boy Legions where women have represented a full 25% of all power armor pilots. In fact, it was discovered that the typical female power armor pilot has a slightly faster reflex response time to outside stimuli, and is much better at taking note of details. This has made female troops particularly effective in reconnaissance and rescue missions, intelligence gathering and surveillance (Note: 40-42% of all Military Intelligence and Special Operations personnel, including field agents in the Quebec Military, are female. By comparison, only 18-20% hold such positions in the Coalition Army. Women play a more traditional role in the CS Military, where the majority of female personnel hold positions in communications, medicine, and logistics as opposed to front-line combat troops or Special Operations). Having proven their skill and battle willingness for decades among the traditional Glitter “Boy” troops, the female GB pilots began to lobby for their own division and distinctive appearance. They just want the opposition to know they just got their ass kicked by a girl. High Command liked this idea and the women had earned it. Consequently, when the Military began to experiment with new Glitter Boy designs and styling, they developed the Glitter Girl.
This formidable environmental exoskeleton retains all the basic design parameters and abilities of the original design. The legendary “Boom Gun” can be mounted over the shoulder and the suit remains a Mega-Damage powerhouse. Much of the change has been cosmetic making the Glitter “Girl” more shapely and “feminine” in its appearance. Ironically, the “breasts” actually provide for greater protection with heavy armor plating for the upper torso. Since the Quebec female power armor pilots often engage in reconnaissance, rescue and Special Operations/Espionage missions, it has been made slightly smaller, lighter and faster. Likewise, in the spirit of maintaining greater mobility and versatility, the Glitter Girl does not typically use the famous “Boom Gun” unless marching into heavy combat. Instead the standard issue weapon of the Glitter Girl (nicknamed “Gigi”) is a back mounted mini-missile launcher and the QST-104, dual system heavy assault rifle.
Despite what some people may believe, the distinctive female appearance works to the pilot’s advantage because the reputation of the female pilots is that they are elite, veteran pilots and merciless combatants. Most opposition would rather face Glitter Boys of any variety, largely because these predominantly male troops are also more likely to have “green” recruits (1st and 2nd level pilots) and generally less seasoned pilots all around (2nd-5th level). The average level of the Glitter Girl Legion is 4th-6th, with one third being 7th-10th!
Notable Gigi Companies: The Vixens, Harpies, Harlots and Riot Girls. These four are the best of the best. Only 25% of their pilots are rookies at 2nd-5th level, with the rest ranging from 7th to 12th level! These formidable warriors will be assigned to lead surgical strikes and Special Operations against the CS Army well behind enemy lines. In less than six months, they will counted among the most feared and hated of the Free Quebec power armor forces.

Glitter Girl

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